Get your cashback with Arcona!

Get your chashback with Arcona!

Exactly a month ago today the Digital Land appeared on the free market, available on the Arcona Marketplace. Few lots auctioning off, intense bids competition – that was just a beginning. By now more than a hundred plots have already become our landlords’ property. On average, the Digital asset price rose 200 per cent.  Paris, New York, Tokyo and Rome have become the areas of our buyers’ first choice. These lots appeared to be worth five and even six times what they valued at the start of auctions!

We congratulate all the first landowners of Arcona on their successful acquisitions! For those whose winning bid exceeded 300 tokens, we offer a 10% cashback.  The campaign will last until October 10.

Buy the best Digital Land plots and get ARCONA tokens back!

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