Happy Halloween week!

Hey, are you hearing this howling and chains rattling and grunting and moaning?

Booooo! Haloween – a favorite holiday of so many of you – is coming up!

While you are sharpening your knives to carve those poor pumpkins we have already arranged something special for you.

Arcona announces happy Halloween week!

This whole week from October 30 to November 6, anyone who buys a plot worth more than 666 tokens will receive a 50% cashback!

And that’s not even all!

On October 31 at 11.00 GMT we start an incredible raffle!

On this very day we’ll auction off  the 18 excellent land plots in London, New York and Paris.

One lot in each city will be magical as it will bring its buyer two adjacent land plots more! Pick the right one and get 300 digital square meters of your own in the most popular cities of the globe!

Trick or treat? Get in the spirit! Join the Arcona Haloween week and get your prizes!

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