The development process at Arcona

At the end of the past year, the Arcona team was focused on our automated generator of hexagonal digital land plots and shared some achievements in this field. Apart from a sophisticated algorithm that covers the deliberately chosen areas of the Earth’s surface with the network made of equal hexagons and defines coordinates of their vertices, this complicated system includes another very important component. We mean a specific data storage and record-keeping system. After nearly six months of testing the system, we have developed expertise and now are ready to simplify and improve the whole system. We consider it to be accessible from all the parts of inner infrastructure and have a friendly and convenient interface either for the inner or outer user.

This will allow us to develop the entire system and make more processes automated in order to free up time to concentrate on our ambitious plan for preparation data for other needs. Developing the system by adding new cool features paths the way to fully automated process of generating a continuous layer of the digital land divided into parcels all over the planet.

One more subtask in this framework is the preparation of new locations for the publication and digitization of a huge amount of digital hexagonal plots. By the way, that’s a perfect opportunity to check developed by our team Automated Land Selector in “combat situation”. We were taking a manual approach before, but this month our selecting algorithm proved its total validity. It worked perfectly fine and the workload scheduled to take a week was done during a few hours.

In January, while the department of business development was holding negotiations in order to attract and mobilize partners in the field of cartography and GIS-data, the department of GIS-development was working on its resource base and operational strength, testing and enhancing of implemented solution. Follow our news to learn more about the development of the Algorithm of Assets Pricing.

Also, the team of the Arcona GIS-developers is focused on the toughest missions of the department. We have already announced the start of work on this very important task and phase of development under the tentative name The Algorithm of Assets Pricing. This algorithm will include a lot of informational components, like location data, researches on human traffic, statistics on mobile devices and even GDP – all this will make land pricing even more accurate.

In this regard, we are looking into strengthening our team of developers and interested in cooperation with programmers experienced in GIS, Python, effective data storage and photogrammetry. If you want to foster the appropriate skills by working on an extremely prominent project please reach us out here:

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