We are starting the formation of the Arcona Council

This week we are starting the formation of the  Arcona Council, which will include the most active participants of the system.  They will be the voice of the community.

They will be able to directly influence such important aspects of the system as the strategy of the development and expansion of Arcona, the selection and creation of affiliate programs, marketing activity, and the distribution of the reserve fund of tokens.

First of all, the Council will include people who have achieved the status of the system’s Magnate or higher.  As you remember, this title is assigned to all who, during the initial accumulation of Digital Lands (until October 29, 2018), acquired more than 50 plots.  Currently the standard limit is 500 Digital plots.

We are waiting for all Arcona Magnates at the first meeting of the Council, which will take place this Saturday, June 22. 

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