Arcona prepares several hi-tech products for patenting

Being an integral part of the AR platform, they can act as independent tools and to be used in various branches of business. Even the first announcements of these products attracted a keen interest of the large IT companies and investment funds.

First of all, we patent own SDK Arcona CV Core. It is unique tool kit for the developers creating multiuser AR applications in the conditions of the urban environment.

SDK provides broad functionality of markerless localization, allows to digitize automatically the Earth’s surface for placement of 3D content and gives the chance of flexible customization. Key advantages of Arcona CV Core became sure work as inside, and outdoor, including under various weather conditions, insufficient lighting, overlappings of the camera, fast movements of the user and other difficult situations typical for application in the urban environment. Under the open sky the product in many respects surpassed the most top analogs, such as OpenCV and PCloud in the accuracy and speed of work.

One more independent product with wide scope of application is the automated generator of virtual lands. It is a universal algorithm which allows “to duplicate” the land surface, having distributed on it continuous network of the geoattached hexagons or triangles of any area. When forming sites features of a real relief and urban development are automatically considered. The analysis passes on the basis of open data from different cartographic sources. It allows to reject initially all territories which are not answering to the set parameters. Characteristics of sites are fixed in specially created system of storage and accounting of data. Capacity of the generator reaches 2000 sites a second or 200 square kilometers per hour. The interface is convenient and friendly both for internal, and for the external user.

The generator, first of all, is interesting to implementation of the projects connected with geomarketing and also online retail, advertizing, the real estate, the game industry, etc. In a broader sense, it is effective when studying the continuous phenomena widespread on all Earth’s surface – conditions of air, climate changes, biological diversity, in ecological researches.

And, at last, we offer the market an algorithm of assessment of land assets. It is the automated expert system which allows to count and compare valuable characteristics of various sites of territories including digital. In the analysis the algorithm relies on enormous volumes of data among which there are geographical features, places of an attraction of users, data both pedestrian and a car traffic, and even about an economic and social status of the population of the concrete territory. The horizon of the analysis can include with ease any criteria necessary for assessment of a concrete asset.

As a result of ranging and the analysis of all factors which can affect territory value the algorithm recommends the final cost of an asset. Today such mechanism helps to make pricing in the Arcona system transparent and exact. However it can be used for assessment of any geoattached assets. These are only the first several products, created during development by global AR of the Arcona platform, licenses for which our team is ready to sell already today. In plans – some more original tools which will be useful to the companies working at the adjacent markets.

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