Feudal Land in Arcona world

The Arcona Metaverse continues the development, passing the different stages similar to eras of the real world. Today we can say that the antique period ended and it is replaced by the Middle Ages – there come times of brave knights, heroic feats, valor and courage.

At this stage we enter the special status of Lord Knight Arcona – for people of honor, for those who are able to keep the word who is ready to become nobly the first among equal.

Arcona Knights are granted a noble title, and the right to receive a rent from the feud entrusted to it in management – territories which will be a source of constant income. These are 30% of initial purchase of any site and also percent of all transactions happening in borders of feudal possession. All payments are provided by Arcona. The first Knights Arcona world will become the Citizens  who, kept the promise, redeemed lots and were ready to enter into the company. Their award – plots of the Digital Land in delightful Vienna, the city of Gothic cathedrals, magnificent palaces of luxurious parks and the most tasty strudel. In the city which is visited by crowds of tourists from all over the world.

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