The First Lords of Arcona getting profit from feudal lands!

At the latest auctions at Arcona Marketplace, Digital Plots in Vienna have been bought out. These are the plots that went into feudal possession of our Lords Knights – brave participants in the first round of the action to buy a stake in the company.

We remind that all those who purchased lots of shares in August were rewarded not only with noble titles, but also with their own feudal territories in the capital of Austria. From now on, these Arcona Citizens will take 30% of the original purchase of any of the plots entrusted to them, as well as a percentage of all transactions taking place within the boundaries of ownership in the next three years. All payments are taken over by the system. So, our Lords are already getting about 1,000 ARCONA tokens for the plots sold and these are only the first bonuses from the lands that have become the source of their constant income. For them, it is a real opportunity to quickly return investments even before selling a stake in the company.

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