The World of Arcona is Open

Today we open public access to the world of augmented reality Arcona.  We invite you to join the testing of the remote digital content management system in the real world.

As we already reported, absolutely all the Digital lands of the Arcona world are activated – and this is more than 30 thousand sites in the largest megacities of the planet.  The boundaries of the plots are associated with the coordinates of the physical space, and each hex contains a symbolic grain of the new world – a green cube with the Arcona logo.

In the first week of tests, our volunteers using the Arcona ARViewer beta version will be able to see the boundaries of Digital Lands plots and the names of their owners, simple 3D content in each hex, as well as the user’s trajectory in digital space.

It is important for us to get feedback from you about application malfunctions, the correctness of the reflection of Digital Lands plots and the stability of content binding in the location.

In few days in personal accounts on the Marketplace, our landowners will be able to experiment with content management in their holdings.  During the initial tests, it will be possible to colorize the cubes and add your own text as a message to the world for historical photo-chronicles about your first steps in the new Universe.

ARViewer testers can download the mobile application ( by pre-installing TestFlight, a testing service from Apple.  Access to the global augmented reality layer can be obtained by owners of devices running iOS 11.0 and higher.

If you don’t live in one of the cities where Arcona Digital Lands is located, but really want to take part in the testing, leave applications!  Within a few days, we will be able to organize test sites in the center of your city.

The participation of volunteers in testing is important for preparing the launch of a fully functional system.  With your help, we will be able to analyze the stability of the binding of virtual content and the recognition speed in global mode when loading tens of thousands of virtual objects around the world.  In addition, we will be able to appreciate the nuances of the application on various models of iPhone and iPad

Infornmation for beta testers  of the Arcona Arviewer

Just a few steps to discover a new world.

– Follow to the  link

– Run app.

– Give the required permissions.

– Press start button (bottom-center).

– Move device until system initialization.

– Wait data about Digital Land plots from server (may take up to 20 sec.)

– If you are in marked territory look down and find some AR content. – You can use toggles in bottom-right part to change view between key points, AR content and trajectory.

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