Join the Pioneers of the Arcona World

The first Arcona volunteers have already begun to explore a new world of augmented reality.  Tests are taking place all over the planet – in Russia, Asia, America and Europe.

Using the beta version of Arcona ARViewer, our testers today can not only see the boundaries of Digital sites, but also remotely control pre-installed 3D content.  Using simple tools in your account on the Marketplace, they can color symbolic Arcona cubes and make virtual graffiti.

 Join the pioneers of the Arcona world by downloading the ARViewer application on the TestFlight service.  Post photos and videos of your experiments on Arcona Digital Lands.  The most creative of you are waiting for special gifts from the system!

We remind you that if you do not live in one of the megacities where Arcona Digital Lands is located, but want to take part in testing, leave applications.  Within a few days, we will be able to organize test sites in the center of your city.

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