Digital Lands have entered the secondary market

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited launch of trades in P2P format at Marketplace Arcona Metaverse has taken place!

From now on, each of you can announce your own auction by putting up your Digital Territories for sale. This means that the Arcona lands have become a full-fledged commodity and have entered the secondary market, and you have fully taken possession of your assets.

Organizing a private auction is very easy. In the “My Lands” section, you select a plot that you want to auction, set the price and deadline for bidding, after which your item appears on the general auction list.

– By launching auctions between users, we, first of all, wanted the procedure to be intuitive and convenient, and most importantly, fast – literally in a few clicks, – says the head of WEB development project Arcona Ivan Shabetnik. – It is necessary to remember only a few simple rules. All transactions only pass through wallets registered in the system. Buyers have 72 hours to payment, and if the settlement did not take place or there were no bets, you will easily return your plot after 24 hours.

The introduction of P2P trading on Marketplace has become a real challenge for us and today the Arcona team has fully realized all the capabilities of the smart contract, for which we are especially grateful to our talented blockchain developers Devid Wang and Ivan Borisov. By releasing the ecosystem ‘s digital assets into free circulation on our own portal, we have gained full independence from any external sites.

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